It seems that Measles just won’t go away despite the vaccination programmes adopted around the world for the last twenty years. We see young adults becoming infected despite having been vaccinated as children and many families are more and more saying No to the vaccine because of its side effects.   

Viruses are living organisms that have cycles of growth and periods of rest. We see an upsurge in some viruses like measles in cycles of a few years. Some viruses like smallpox have almost disappeared and not because of the smallpox vaccine but records show that it was already disappearing before the vaccine was introduced. Also, viruses are able to mutate – change in form and nature –   this is causing concern with the Bird Flu, so called because it infects birds, the concern is that  this virus seems capable of mutating  to be able to infect humans..


Symptoms and Complications

Measles is a viral disease and can appear to be like many other illnesses at first with symptoms like a runny nose and fever. However, as the disease develops we can see conjunctivitis and Koplik’s Spots which are seen as a whitish rash on the inside of reddened cheeks and of course the measles rash erupts over the body. It will be about ten days before symptoms show themselves following contact with an infected person, and the fever can last up to four days before the rash is seen.  Complications come about when a secondary infection takes hold, usually of bacterial nature such as an ear infection. Encephalitis is a more serious complication that is often cited by the medical profession as a reason to vaccinate. However, when Measles is treated homeopathically and the child is well supported through the illness, measles can progress very well without serious or lasting complications.  It is important though to always bear in mind that measles can have devastating effects on some children and so full time nursing care is required for the child while they are ill to ensure a good outcome.

Many Steiner   philosophies support Homeopathic principles in the belief that childhood illnesses such as measles are a necessary step in the development of the child. Overcoming the disease is a statement the child makes, of independence from the mother. This might be the reason then for the upsurge in the number of cases of autism  since the start of vaccinations and also for the huge increase in food allergies and allergy-related problems. Independence and a strong immune system go hand in hand..

Homeopathic treatment of Measles:

Doctors have very little in the way of solutions for viral infections. They offer antipyretics  and antibiotics to manage the presenting symptoms, creams for rashes and cold drinks for sore throats. In contrast, the Homeopath can offer solutions.  If you suspect your child has been in contact with an infected measles patient, we can give Morbillinum. This can help to significantly reduce the symptoms should they develop..

Pulsatilla is the most important remedy for measles. If your child is very clingy and if despite being hot with a fever does not ask to drink fluids,  then Pulsatilla is indicated. Pulsatilla deals with the side effect of conjunctivitis very well,  and also the accompanying colds that have a thick green/ yellow discharge.

Euprhasia can be utilised for eyes that are badly affected by the virus causing acrid tears that irritate the area around the eyes and the cheeks – also good for photophobia

Ferrum phosphoricum is considered for milder cases of Measles where the fever is not so high and there is a tendency for the nose to bleed.

Stramonium is of good use when the fever is really high and the child hallucinates during the fever. They might imagine they see wild animals or ghosts coming to eat them in their dreams. The eyes can become gummed together because of discharge of pus and again a good indicator for Stramonium.

Squilla is another good remedy for measles where the cough is the worst symptom. The cough is exhausting for the child, and the child wants to rub its face. Nosebleeds can occur because of the coughing and sneezing.

It is always advisable to consult with a homeopath as trying to make the correct choices yourself, is not easyl. There are many other remedies to consider and the ones listed here are the main ones that most children respond to. But there are other remedies for ear infections, cough, nosebleeds etc which can be the complications of measles and these remedies require further investigation in order to find the best match.

Homeopathy can bring a positive outcome for childhood diseases such as measles. In our practice, we have found that by supporting and nursing the child through the illness, and by  being observant for any possible complications, that following the illness the child takes a step away from the mother into independence. And, in tandem, the immune system has received a boost.

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