Chicken Pox

Recently, there has been an outbreak of chicken pox. These viral infections, seen often in our clinical practice, have been easily treated with homeopathy.  It is helpful to increase the intake of Vitamin C and also to use Echinacea to support the activation of the immune system to fight the disease or help protect against contracting it. However, if a child is infected, we have much anecdotal evidence to show that one or two homeopathic remedies in particular can be useful in reducing the symptoms of Chicken Pox, quickly and effectively.

Most commonly known is the homeopathic remedy RHUS TOX. This is particularly helpful when the child is restless, with a sweaty fever and who will get relief from the itching blisters when placed in a warm to hot bath.  Itchy eruptions are common chicken pox symptoms but the indication for the use of RHUS TOX is that they are soothed by warm to hot water. The patient will also have a clean looking tongue with a red tip.

The second most commonly used remedy is ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM. This has the mental symptom of not wanting to be looked at. We have seen this symptom on many occasions with children who do not want to come through the clinic door as they are reticent to show us their spots.  These children will have a thickly coated white tongue and may have sore blisters that have cracked in the corners of their mouth.

These remedies can be given in potency, several times a day depending on symptoms. For, a reliable result, it’s always preferable to contact your homeopath, because potency and dosage choices rely on professional expertise.

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