Winter is typically a time for lots of earaches often resulting in many rounds of antibiotics with indifferent results.  Many children can be helped by simply removing dairy products from their diet.  Sometimes parents find this really hard to do and in our experience it is well worth the effort when you commit to a new plan of eating.

A good guide to a positive outcome from removing dairy products can be just how much your child craves dairy products.  If they are really invested in their dairy fix then it is likely that is an aggravating factor to their general health.

For many children though this is not sufficient to stop the infections recurring.

In our clinical experience we have found a number of interventions helpful.

Please note that all external drops into the ear canal can BE USED ONLY IF THE EARDRUM IS NOT RUPTURED. That means there is no discharge from the ear from either grommets or a leaking drum.

  • Warmed mullain or garlic oil can be dropped in to the ear and held in by cotton wool to hold the liquid in place. This can give great relief from the pain
  • Plantago herbal tincture used in the same way as above
  • Homeopathic remedies most useful are:

PULSATILLA when there is a yellow running nose and a loose cough following a cold

FERRUM PHOS if there are no other guiding symptoms

ACONITE  if it comes on after exposure to a cold dry wind

CHAMOMILLA if it is accompanied by great irritability and hugely difficult to bear the pain

BELLADONNA if the pain came on very suddenly and violently

All these remedies can be prescribed in a 30c and taken every thirty minutes for three doses.   If the pain has not changed in this time the remedy is not right. More information and skill is required to resolve the issue. It is surprising just how much good can be done with these basic remedies and instructions

In our clinical and personal experience we have found well prescribed homeopathic medicines the best solution to recurrent and difficult to clear infections and glue ear.

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