Flower Essences

Flower essences are plant preparations which convey the distinct imprint or etheric pattern of a specific plant. This is not unlike a homeopathic remedy but it has less preparation involved. They were developed by Dr. Edward Bach, a Harley Street specialist and scientist who was also involved with the early development of vaccines.  Flower essences enjoy a reputation of being highly beneficial and safe to use.   Because they contain only minute traces of a physical substance, flower essences are not classified as physical substances but belong to the new modality of potentised remedies.  Like homeopathy they derive their active power from the life forces within the flowers.

Most of my clients are familiar with and indeed use rescue remedy on a regular basis but perhaps are not aware of the amazing usefulness outside of this emergency stress relief combination.  For reference, any crisis situation will respond immediately to this effective essence.

It was Dr. Bach’s belief that a negative state of mind is the core of any illness, so the treatment of physical symptoms only, does not address the cause.  It was his dream to develop an entirely new system of medicine based on his insight and with that certainty he left his lucrative Harley Street medical practice and created the Bach Flower Essences which today are effectively used by so many.

This system of healing shows that it is our fear, our cares, and our anxieties that open the path to the invasion of illness. As the flowers heal our anxieties, our worries, our faults and our failings then disease no matter what it is will leave.                                       Dr. Edward Bach

Western medicine is now beginning to recognise that emotions play a much greater role in the bodies health than was believed or understood before. Leading universities are now confirming from research that there is a firm link between the mind emotions and the body and that negative emotions do have an ill effect on our wellbeing.  The relatively new branch of medicine Psychoneuroimmunology has been studying brain chemistry in relation to stress.  It appears that the results of these studies show that adverse neurotransmitters are produced by the brain when we are under stress.  It also suggests that the longer this biological process continues unchecked the more vulnerable we are to develop serious illness.

For most of us stress comprises of

  • Sadness and grief
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Anger at our own powerlessness
  • Lack of confidence in our ability to change things
  • Feeling like a victim

If we accept as true, that our immune system is compromised by this short list of challenges to our mental and emotional states then it is just wonderful to know that Dr. Bach has given us 38 flower essences that quickly address our insecurities.

Here are two examples of how flower essences can heal…

1)  A child has learnt that his mother is dying.  Since that news, he has stopped talking and is clearly in shock.  Star of Bethlehem helps him process the trauma so that he can talk again.  Later, Walnut helps him to transition the separation and break the link he has with the past, while Honeysuckle eases his nostalgia for days gone by and Chicory relieves the emptiness he has felt in the world without his Mum.  This is huge grief for a child to deal with, but he is now sad his Mum has died and he gets on with the delight of his own life.

2)  A hyperactive child is unable to sit still in class and gets into trouble with his teacher because he is so impatient and restless.  He is also prone to become overzealous about his own point of view.  He tends to give up when faced with a learning challenge that requires him to persist and achieve an answer.  Impatiens resolves the impatience and restlessness, Vervain helps him accept that his point of view is not the only one, and finally Gentian stops him giving up when faced with small setbacks.

These examples illustrate just some of the ways we can use flower essences to move forward free of the burden of emotional distress and the reality of any threat to our health and wellbeing.

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