Gastric Flu

Many people respond very well to Arsenicum Album 30c. This is a commonly used homeopathic remedy and I thought it would be helpful to those of you that are keen to be home prescribers to be  able to recognise the symptoms in your family the next time Arsenicum Album will be useful.

Many people have gastric symptoms but some can also have a dry sore throat and a dry hoarse cough, and many have weakness and tiredness.

The keynote symptoms indicating that Arsenicum Album will be very helpful are:

  • Starting to feel unwell at 1am or 1pm
  • An unquenchable thirst for very cold water. (Small amounts taken often that is immediately vomited)
  • Restlessness albeit feeling exhausted
  • Burning type pains in the abdomen that feel better when a hot water bottle is held against the tummy

These are the typical symptoms of an illness that will be helped by Arsenicum Album.  You will know if you are on the right track because there will be an improvement felt by the patient within 5 minutes.  This will show itself by their colour returning, less pain and less nausea.  The patient may fall asleep and wake up well or much better. Take the Arsenicum Album 30c four times for the first day and perhaps three times the next day. You can stop the remedy when the symptoms have resolved.

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