White tail Spider Bites

In our experience, the use of  the remedy White Tail Spider  when taken as soon as possible after a  bite, will stop the development of a septic state and resolve the associated pain. However, if the infection establishes itself and becomes systemic it can be difficult to clear even with the use of antibiotics. At this time the spider remedy may not be as helpful as the appropriate individualised remedy for the patients particular symptoms.  Case examples below:


After two 10 day courses of antibiotics  this client had an unpleasant abscess at the site of the bite on her thigh and swollen lymph nodes in her groin. She was still feverish and generally felt unwell. She reported the abscess felt cold to touch but the pain in it was a throbbing aching burning feeling, she said sometimes she noticed it felt better if she put something cold on it.

This description of how she felt and the fact that this was the result of an insect bite indicated LEDUM as the remedy in this instance. The infection cleared up completely in six days.

This remedy can be found in most basic homeopathic first aid kits and just a small amount of homeopathic knowledge  would have been helpful in resolving the situation quickly and effectively.


A teenage boy presented with a large black boil on his thumb. He recalled that about three weeks ago he had experienced a strange aching stinging feeling in his thumb as he picked his jeans up from the floor. He had taken two courses of antibiotics which initially helped but subsequently had not been useful. Since the end of the last antibiotics the pain had woken him in the night and his Mum was looking for other answers. I noticed that the base of the boil was quite purple as was the fever flush of his cheeks. The lad was very talkative, and his Mum said this was unusual as normally he was reserved especially with strangers.  The appropriate remedy in this situation was LACHESIS. The boil burst the next day and four days later the infection had completely resolved.

LACHESIS is also a common remedy and can be found in many homeopathic kits. However this case would probably have needed a professional to prescribe as it is slightly more complex and Lachesis is not such a common remedy for insect bites.

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