About Healthy Kiwi Kids

Sally Birks and Jeannette Bennett combine their 50 plus years of experience in Natural Health to assist  with some  common health problems by offering affordable effective solutions for you and your family’s physical and emotional issues.  They prescribe homeopathic remedies and flower essences as required and also include additional advice regarding supplements, diet and exercise.
As Kiwis themselves, Healthy Kiwi Kids was borne out of Sally and Jeannette’s passion for helping New Zealand children reach their full potential and to develop healthy and effective responses to illness.

Homeopathy is based on three principles of Wholism, Individualism and the Law of Similars. Sally and Jeanette view clients as unique individuals – symptom pictures are a guide to the selection of the appropriate remedy for each individual person, no matter what the complaint.


Are you concerned that you seem to have tried everything and yet your child is too often unwell? Do you feel frustrated that despite a good diet and a healthy lifestyle, your child is still suffering from repeated infections or a worsening condition? And what about you and the rest of your family, including your family dog? When you consult with Healthy Kiwi Kids, Sally and Jeanette see you as a unique individual and match a remedy to you specifically.  They consider your symptoms are infallible guides to the selection of the remedy. They view your body as an indivisible whole and therefore prescribe a single remedy that covers the symptoms and sensations of your whole body .

Homeopathy requires a practitioner who is patient, observant, empathetic and skilled. Whilst no single system of medicine has all answers for all ills that afflict us, homeopathy aims to address the whole person taking into account all of their complaints. Homeopathy is relatively inexpensive, non-risky and non-palliative, meaning that homeopathy doesn’t palliate or suppress symptoms as medical drugs do. When symptoms are suppressed, the body still attempts to overcome the problem despite the palliation. For example, when you have a headache and take an analgesic for the pain, the headache appears to go away, but the problem in the body that caused the headache in the first place is still there – nothing has changed. Homeopathy acts to take away the root cause of the problem by supporting the body to heal itself.  It aims to strengthen the constitution rather than weaken it. 

Jeannette has been practicing since 1996. She uses modern methods of homeopathic practice according to international best practice. These methods are based on holism and mind-body medicine. Jeannette has been teaching homeopathy and writing homeopathy curriculum at Diploma and Degree level since 1997. Her expertise lies with modern homeopathic philosophy, notably the works of Rajan Sankaran and Jan Scholten. She continues to upskill in the latest works and approaches to homeopathic practice.  Her teachings and mentoring skills continue to be well received by other NZ homeopathic graduates and students. Jeannette is also interested in achieving better health and happiness for our canine friends and has been involved in Canine Training and Behaviour since 2001.

After 28 years in clinical practice, Sally has an extensive, full time general homeopathic practice in Torbayy. She began her profession in health as a physiology technician in the open heart surgery unit at Green Lane Hospital. Her interest in natural health began with a skin condition that did not respond to conventional medicine and children with ear, nose and throat issues.

After success with herself and her children she attended Homeopathic College, graduated with an advanced diploma and took over the care of a large practice for a colleague for two years. She sat on the registration board of the New Zealand Homeopathic Society for a number of years.

Since then she has taught homeopathy in college for 20 years, completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Science for Health Professionals from Auckland University of Technology, and continued her homeopathic education with the best international Homeopaths. She is particulalry interested in the work of Farokh Masters