Common Conditions


Acquiring and sustaining a healthy immune system is the key to good health throughout your life.  Healthy Kiwi Kids can give you a basic understanding of the immune system and its function and show you how to maximize its potential. 

You can learn how to

  • identify the signs and symptoms of lowered immune response and how to improve the outcome of some illnesses
  • capitalize on your child’s own innate defense mechanism to fight infection

For example, a child with a pattern of fatigue, bed wetting and irritability could lead you to suspect that they are becoming unwell. In such a case, what do you do?  Can you in fact do anything? Sally and Jeannette believe that there is huge potential to abort infection at this early point in the onset of illness. In this instance, an increase in Vitamin C consumption and the lowering of iron consumption could be a useful strategy. 

The Latin translation of the word immunity is to keep safe. That is exactly what your body is trying to do for you every day. With the right encouragement and nurturing, it is very adept at doing exactly that!


During and after an illness, the immune system is more vulnerable to the development of chronic conditions such as eczema and asthma. At this point, when the immune system has been challenged, it is vital to assist and restore full health.

Healthy Kiwi Kids can offer insight and solutions for various childhood maladies. The aim is to help the body to resolve the primary infection so that problems secondary to the original infection don’t arise. Sally and Jeannette mostly offer a homeopathic approach to childhood conditions and illnesses as being the most effective tool for long term recovery and health maintenance.


Homeopathy has the potential to produce far more than physical healing.  It is the catalyst that starts a process that transform lives.  Homeopathic treatment can release your potential to feel free, happy and fulfilled. 

It used to be suggested that a child at birth is in a state of perfection. Science has verified that parental traumas and pain can profoundly affect the developing baby in the womb. The birth experience can also add to the baby’s view of life. Despite the best living home environment, children can still suffer from nightmares, be terrified of the dark or want to sleep with a family member every night because they don’t like being alone. One sibling may be fine at adjusting to school and daycare, whilst another may have no confidence to try new things or accept changes like when their best friend goes to live in another town.  Of course, some of this is natural for children, but sometimes it can become an issue that holds the youngster back in life to a degree that it overwhelms the child’s ability to function successfully in the world. Emotional overwhelm from grief, sadness and fear can be acknowledged and processed.  Homeopathic support at times like these is invaluable. A homeopathic remedy correctly prescribed can assist with  many areas of emotional pain by allowing a focus on positive responses and therefore enabling the body and mind to cope.  Happiness, confidence and a positive outlook on life can return.


The quality and look of our skin is central to our confidence as a human being.  It is also the shield that protects our body’s internal and external environments and is our first barrier to infection.  A healthy skin is a statement about good health and a healthy immune system.

Eczema is commonly seen in babies and children attending Healthy Kiwi Kids clinics. Many of these children have already been prescribed antibiotic or steroidal treatment by the family GP in an attempt to resolve the problem. Symptoms are the body’s way of telling us that all is not well and so we have concerns about suppressing symptoms. Just because a medicine takes a symptom away, does not mean that all is well. Question arise about suppression of symptoms as to what has actually happened – has the body had to react at a deeper level than the skin to show all is not well?

It is commonly recognized and understood that the lungs may be affected after the suppression of eczema, usually in the form of asthma or hay-fever.

Homeopaths understand eczema as an internal disorder, and therefore make a full evaluation of each individual child’s physical, emotional and mental characteristics as well as their genetic history and then choose a remedy that suits the unique individual child. 

At Healthy Kiwi Kids, we believe that the child’s body and immune system are in a delicate stage of development and should be treated with the utmost care.


Allergies happen when the body reacts to foods and environmental substances that it mistakenly determines as foreign. These symptoms can make life miserable and, in some cases, can be life threatening. The ability of the immune system to identify individual substances and react to them appropriately is crucial for the body’s protection.   

Allergies show themselves in many forms.  It may be eczema, asthma, migraines or perhaps urticaria to name a few.  They are all triggered by an excessive amount of histamine produced by the body as an immune response. Each immune response produces an allergic condition for different reasons and in different ways.

An example, my hay fever may be triggered by tree pollen and I might have an eye and nasal discharge that is bland but with very itchy eyes that feel better if I put a cold compress on them.  Meanwhile, my neighbour may have a stuffed irritated nose at night that becomes very runny in a warm room with huge sneezing.  So, you can see, there can be many differences in the individual symptom pictures of hay-fever.

Many of us notice that certain foods do not agree with us. It can be unclear what we are actually allergic to, since our symptoms can be delayed for several days after eating or being exposed to an allergen. Generally however, once a person is diagnosed by an allergy specialist as being allergic to a specific food, it is usually recommended that that food is avoided and this generally can reduce the symptoms. From a homeopath’s point of view, removal of the offending substance may reduce the symptoms, but it does not cure the person.  Simply avoiding the stressor does not strengthen the person’s weakness that created the problem in the first place.

Homeopathic medicines can offer the possibility of removing the inherent weakness by allowing the body to heal itself, whereby there is a strengthening pf the overall functioning of the person and the establishment of healthy responses.


Hyperactivity manifests itself as difficult behaviour, underachievement at school and relationship problems with siblings, friends and family.  Parents struggle to maintain boundaries and compliance with these children.  The potential for these untreated affected youngsters to grow up into problem adults, is very real. Many children these days are given labels such as hyperactive or attention deficit disordered or as having a learning disability.

For the truly afflicted, and for many who are misdiagnosed, conventional medicine prescribes Ritalin, an amphetamine-like drug.  While Ritalin is generally effective in relieving hyperactivity, it is also a powerful drug with side effects such as anxiety, sleeplessness, weight loss, retarded growth, stomach aches, skin rashes, headaches and hallucinations.

Homeopathic medicines, and flower essences can be very helpful for hyperactive children and we have witnessed many successes in our clinics.