Purchasing and using remedies


Most  health food shops  or progressive chemist shops carry a good selection of basic homeopathic remedies.  Otherwise use the internet to find your nearest homeopathic pharmacy. In NZ, remedies can be ordered by post from the Lincoln Mall Pharmacy in Henderson,  Simillmum Homeopathic Pharmacy in Wellington or Selene Homeopathic Pharmacy in Tauranga.

Always buy 30c potencies and choose pills or liquid depending on your child and their preference. Give two pills or two drops of liquid under the tongue four times a day for three days.

If the remedy is right you will see an improvement in the symptoms after only two to three doses.


BE GUIDED BY YOUR CHILD AND THE INTENSITY OF THEIR SYMPTOMS. If there is no improvement in symptoms after  those two or three doses, it is necessary to consult a professional. At any time if you are concerned, take your child to the emergency department or your GP. You can be giving the homeopathic remedy at the same time. It is rare for complications to present in these illnesses but it is better to refer your child to a professional if you are unsure about the progression of the illness.

Likewise your homeopath can assist with the selection of the similimum – i.e. the correct remedy for your child and their symptoms.

Many parents ask us how to give their child a homeopathic remedy and also how to dispense other nutritional supplements to their children and pets.

Homeopathic remedies are quite easy to dispense. Remedies come in either liquid or pillules:

a)     Liquid: This is quite a good form to use for small babies and for animals. The liquid is in an alcohol base and so you can add a teaspoon of water to the 3 – 4 drops of remedy to dilute the alcohol, although it is such a tiny amount that it is not harmful. Then, you can use a clean syringe to dispense a drop or two directly onto the nose of a dog or cat or horse so they can lick it off – and it’s done! And with an infant, a drop or two inside the lower lip will be absorbed with no fuss.

b)    Pillules: Older children are usually very happy to take a few pillules as they are very tiny sweet tasting pillules that have been medicated with the appropriate remedy. Just use a teaspoon to remove 3 – 4 pillules from their container, drop them onto the child’s tongue and ask them to let them dissolve. Although it doesn’t matter if they decide to chew them. Make sure that teaspoons and syringes have been thoroughly cleaned before and after use.

c)     Supplements often have to be disguised due to the strong flavours or textures that children may not be too keen on. However, many manufacturers have now created products that have improved flavours. Compliance and prescribing issues are further improved by the fact that many of these products are either liquids or powders. This is an advantage because they can be mixed into water, juice and/ or milk, allowing even the youngest child to be successfully treated. If more than one formula is indicated, they can be mixed and taken together. For particularly fussy children, increased compliance can be gained by following these handy hints and tips:

  • Children may take powders straight off the spoon – like a sherbet treat
  • Mix formulas into water, milk or juice and freeze into ice blocks
  • Sprinkle powdered formulas into yoghurt
  • Mix powders into a nectar eg Mango nectar juice
  • Pineapple and blackcurrant juice are particularly effective for masking flavours of powdered formulas
  • Fish oils are often best taken chilled as this reduces the odour and taste
  • Fish oil formulas can also be mixed in with fish at meal times
  • All powdered and liquid formulas can be mixed into a smoothie with fruit and other flavours. Leave the fish oil out of the smoothie until the end and just stir it in rather than blending the oil, as its molecules may be disturbed by the blending

For some really nutritious and toddler friendly Smoothie recipes, try this web site:


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