Stress and You

For a long time now, it has been accepted that the mind can influence our physical wellbeing. When things become too much for us, we become afflicted with what has been termed psychosomatic illness. The term, psychosomatic illness was established between the 1930s and 1950s. Today, most medics accept that an overwrought mind, and emotions that are in turmoil, affect the physical body in the form of disorders like high blood pressure, gastrointestinal symptoms, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, migraines and many more.

Most people who consult with us will say that they have been feeling stressed. Some people can identify that stress, others cannot. Most do not know what to do about the stress and how to manage it. When we understand what causes us to feel stressed we can begin to find peace again in our lives.

The Root of Stress

We tend to avoid situations that are stressful and to try to change things – to change ourselves, our partners, our jobs or our location. We talk to people and seek out professionals who might be able to help, because we tend to see our problems as something that is outside of ourselves… something that we need to solve.  But none of these attempts to solve the stress have a lasting effect because we have not reached the root of the issue.

Our underlying stress is not about what is (the external situation) but more about what appears to be (our individual way of seeing the situation).  An example is a person who when gardening comes across an earthworm.  This meeting with an earthworm can cause great terror, or great empathy, or great curiosity depending on the individual, and yet it is the same thing that we all call earthworm.  It is the individual perception of the earthworm that brings about the different emotional responses.

Homeopathy Can Help You to Identify and Relieve Your Stress

The Homeopath understands that when a person is not well, it is not merely the body exhibiting symptoms that is the problem. Homeopaths recognize the part that stress plays in the development of disease. Homeopathy deals with the whole person, not just the problematic body area or organ. After homeopathic treatment, clients report to us that they are feeling more relaxed in situations that previously caused distress. Once the stress levels go down, they find that the symptoms that had caused them to feel unwell, also start to improve.

Achieving Good Health

Good health does not lie solely in a plate of food, in the latest fad diet, or in a bottle of pills or supplements.  To really feel healthy and happy, we need to find peace and relaxation in our lives. To do this, consult with a homeopath that understands the true nature of disease.  This is the path to true healing.

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