Sunburn, insect stings and bites

As summer approaches we are encouraged to slip, slop and slap on the sun screen to prevent ultraviolet rays of light burning and damaging our skin.  Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, we can get Sunburn.   We have found homeopathy to be extremely useful for our families and our patients who find themselves in pain or itching with prickly heat for days after over exposure to the sun.

Here are a few remedies which can ease the discomfort of sunburn quickly and easily.

  • FOR THE LIGHT RED SUPERFICIAL STINGING BURN – Urtica Urens 30c  taken every 30 minutes until pain subsides ( In most cases four or five doses will be enough).
  • FOR THE INTENSE DEEP RED PAINFUL BURN THAT BLISTERS – Cantharis 30c taken every 10 to 15 minutes until pain resolves then 4 times a day until the wound seals over.
  • FOR PRICKLEY HEAT – (an itchy inflammation of the skin, typically with a rash of small vesicles, common in hot humid weather) – Belladonna 30c taken every 30 minutes until the irritation stops.

It is good to remember to stop using the remedy as soon as the symptoms are resolved.  Using more of the remedy than the body needs to heal itself  is not necessary with homeopathy but using enough of the correct remedy  is fantastic! Generally, we find that people tend to forget to continue taking the remedy anyway, once the symptoms lessen or disappear..

Another peril of our outdoor lifestyle in the summer can be Insect bites and stings.

  • FOR MOSQUITO BITES  – Ledum 30c taken every 15 minutes until itching stops
  • FOR WASP AND BEE STINGS – where there is huge swelling and redness – Apis 30c taken every 15 minutes for 6 doses or until pain subsides, then 4 times a day for two days or until the swelling has subsided.
  • FOR WASP AND BEE STINGS – where there is only a little swelling but pain and itching –  Ledum 30c taken every 15 minutes until discomfort and pain subsides then three times a day if required for an additional day

These simple steps can make a huge difference to our summer fun and stop the development of any undesirable secondary infections that can ensue following burns or stings.

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